NGO India

NGO India

Social Development in India

NGO India is committed to work for the welfare, social justice and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized section of the society.

“Institute of Social Development” thus constituted with broader objective of development of the society through education, training, marketing assistance, awareness in respect of health like AIDS, vaccination and general health conditions.

  1. NGO India accepts no donation currently.
  2. You are welcome to contribute to skill development in India by investing your time

Social Media Campaign:

  1. Employment: Post jobs free
  2. Entrepreneurship: India startup

List of NGO Projects:

  • Project 1: Ending hunger and poverty
  • Project 2: Achieving primary education for everyone
  • Project 3: Promoting gender equality and empowerment
  • Project 4: Reducing child mortality
  • Project 5: Improving maternal health
  • Project 6: Combating widespread disease
  • Project 7: Ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Project 8: Developing a global partnership for development
5 Mar 2017
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