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Are you an employer? Post Jobs free that are optimized for Google jobs posting. An initiative by Group of Sr. Recruiters of India that are helping startups in India recruit at the minimal cost.

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Learn to recruit smart. Most firms spot candidates in under two months. 39 percent record it normally takes them less than 1 month, and 44% state it requires them 1-2 months, and 14% report taking 3-4 weeks to position candidates. Half of these budgets move to traditional resources (such as project boards/advertising and recruiting tools), but if given unlimited funding staffing firms would prioritize business growth (49 percent), branding (34 percent), and also investing in much better sourcing tools (34%).

India Recruitment powered by is helping startups in India save their recruitment cost of posting jobs to the multiple job boards and social media on the paid plans. While it takes a few seconds to minutes to post a job as no registration or signup is required at the time of job posting. So you get started instantly.


30 Nov 2017